Monday, December 6, 2010

Poet in the Playground (Blues)

You all make me so happy--how interesting and fresh and unexpected you are. The only thing that's hard is figuring out how to keep you interested in what I'm bringing in for you to experience; I have so many poems I want to show you, so many different ideas and dreams of meeting you inside them, but there is something about being at school, in a classroom, all day, I know and remember that makes it really hard. You might smile at me and listen a little bit, but often your mind is on the clock. I want to tell you that if you find something to love in your life, like poetry (maybe!?) or art or music or running or drawing, you will find your freedom there. You will find a place to go that will never disappoint you. I found that in poetry. When I want out of my normal life I read poems. When I need space I read poems. I write and make space for myself. When I come to teach you about poetry I really mean to teach you a way toward your own style of freedom.

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