Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pencil. Poem. Pencil.

After a few lines have come down onto the page--now is the time to keep going. Don't be afraid, I tell my kids, keep writing, keep going, keep running, keep following the words when they come. But what if nothing comes out? Find a word you like and keep writing that word down; write that word down 1000 times. No. No. No. No. Honey. Honey. Honey. Honey. Cheese. Cheese. Dog. Bird. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing! Nothing!!! My darlings you pick up a pencil and put it down again; it is almost like a foreign object! Then they ask me: Can I use a pen instead? How about a highlighter? Can I draw? I see it. Follow what's inside; take your time; write it down. Like me, tonight: pencil. Pencil. Poem. Poem. Pencil. Poem. Poem. Poem. Pencil. Pencil. Pen. Highlighter. Drawing. Poem. Bed. Time to go there. Dream of you.

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